Welcome to the CSP-AIMS Workshop

Welcome to the Computer Science Principles Aligned Integration of Modeling and Simulation (CSP-AIMS) CS4HS online workshop!  This professional development workshop prepares you to integrate rich computational thinking experiences in computer modeling and simulation into your AP CS Principles course.

The content of the workshop will be specific to learning what is necessary to integrate computer modeling and simulation module into a AP CS Principles course.  Over six weeks we will prepare you to implement a
4-week computer modeling and simulation module for students that teaches and reinforces AP CS Principles Big Ideas 1-4 and prepare students for the two CS Principles performance tasks.  In addition to guiding participants through the CS content, programming, and practice of modeling and simulation, we will share best practices for engaging students and meeting their developmental needs with respect to modeling and simulation. We will also address equity and access issues and how our teachers have been successful in recruiting and retaining large populations of students from underrepresented groups in computer science.  A certificate of completion from Santa Fe Institute's Learning Lab will be provided for those who complete the course.