Unit 5: Programming Assignment: Final Project

Big Idea 3 in the AP Computer Science Principles focuses on Data and Information.  Modeling and Simulation can be used to develop a deep understanding of problems of interest to the researcher.  Model creation involves assumptions that lead to the abstractions used in the creation process.  These assumptions and abstractions represent the hypotheses of what is important to the problem being examined.  The simulation performed using the model tests the hypotheses being evaluated.  Simulation results in the creation of large quantities of data. The insights and knowledge gained can then be communicated using any visualization tools available (graphs, tables, etc.).  This allows the researcher to share the information and insights gained from performing the simulation.

In Unit 5, you will create a model, perform a simulation, evaluate the data, and use visualization tools to help you share the information and insights gained from the simulation.    Below is the programming assignment for Unit 5 and the Final Project Design Form.  Please read the lab carefully before you start!  If you have any questions, please post a message in the NetLogo forum for this workshop (above) or you can send us an email at sfilearninglab@gmail.com